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The term ‘Internet of Things’ is a growing topic of conversation. What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT) and what does smart lighting have to do with it?

How is the IoT Different from the Traditional Internet? The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks that until now, has been about giving people access to information upon request. We do a search in Google or another search engine to

Tesla’s Superchargers allow Tesla vehicles to be fast-charged in under an hour. Teslareports that there are now 1,308 Supercharger Stations with 10,622 Superchargers strategically distributed around North America to allow owners to drive between major cities and across their country. But what happens when an owner is away from home and there isn’t a Supercharger nearby?

I’m glad you asked! Simply locate an EV charging station on

Brightness LLC announced the completion of an LED retrofit project for St. George College, one of the oldest English schools in Argentina. The project included the installation of Revolution Lighting’s Eco Thin Panels within the college’s interior learning spaces, including classrooms, the science laboratory, the library, and the auditorium. The installation of Revolution Lighting’s Eco Thin Panels has significantly improved campus lighting efficiency, reducing lighting energy consumption by 45%, while also reducing maintenance costs due to a lamp life that

The introduction of solid-state lighting using light-emitting diode (LED) technology has ignited widespread interest in the ways that lighting can offer benefits to people, including improved visibility at night, enhanced perceptions of brightness and security, and spectral tuning for management of circadian rhythms. Yet, as illustrated in a recent report from the American Medical Association (AMA), the increasing popularity of LED lighting is also raising new questions and reviving older concerns about unwanted impacts of these light

Most homeowners waste energy in little ways that add up big time on their monthly utility bills. Using a laptop instead of a desktop computer, unplugging devices not in use and simply switching to LED light bulbs are a few changes that can add more pocket change to the monthly bottom line. Reprogramming thermostats by a few degrees cuts down electricity costs over time, and ceiling fans are the HVAC’s partner in circulation—pushing hot