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Haute Illumination

Haute Illumination

For The Jane restaurant in Antwerp, PSLAB’s bespoke chandelier turns a historic sanctuary into an otherworldly dining experience.

A view of the restaurant’s main dining area with its lighting focal point: a custom chandelier-like installation that fills the center of the space. – Credit: Richard Powers

A few years ago, when Michelin star chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Bril decided to open The Jane restaurant in a 19th century chapel that was once part of a military hospital in Antwerp, Belgium, they immediately knew that the majestic space required an assured hand with interior design. The chapel had been shuttered in 1993 and had remained vacant, but it sat in a neighborhood called the “T Groen Kwartier” (the Green Quarter), which was experiencing a revitalization with new housing and shops aimed at attracting young couples and families. Herman and Bril were struck by the 4,350-square-foot space, which included a main sanctuary with a mezzanine and a ceiling that rose to a height of 38 feet in places.

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