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Researchers at West Virginia University found that exposure to white light at night could impact the recovery of cardiac patients and dimming the light can reduce the damages. With the results published in Experimental Neurology, the research team, led by Randy Nelson, who chairs the Department of Neuroscience in the WVU School of Medicine, linked white light at night to inflammation, brain-cell death and higher mortality risk in cardiac patients. The researchers re-created cardiac arrest in

Advanced LED technologies are bringing increasing smart applications for automobile makers, especially for the rising market of new energy car. Tesla has recently applied a patent for its newly designed sunroof which integrated LED lighting and electrical tinting. The patent, titled “Advanced Sunroof Lighting System,” describes a sunroof consisting of multiple transparent layers including an electronic tint layer and a transparent lighting layer. By controlling the tint layer and lighting layer electronically, Tesla aims to monitor

The term ‘Internet of Things’ is a growing topic of conversation. What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT) and what does smart lighting have to do with it?

How is the IoT Different from the Traditional Internet? The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks that until now, has been about giving people access to information upon request. We do a search in Google or another search engine to

Tesla’s Superchargers allow Tesla vehicles to be fast-charged in under an hour. Teslareports that there are now 1,308 Supercharger Stations with 10,622 Superchargers strategically distributed around North America to allow owners to drive between major cities and across their country. But what happens when an owner is away from home and there isn’t a Supercharger nearby?

I’m glad you asked! Simply locate an EV charging station on

Brightness LLC announced the completion of an LED retrofit project for St. George College, one of the oldest English schools in Argentina. The project included the installation of Revolution Lighting’s Eco Thin Panels within the college’s interior learning spaces, including classrooms, the science laboratory, the library, and the auditorium. The installation of Revolution Lighting’s Eco Thin Panels has significantly improved campus lighting efficiency, reducing lighting energy consumption by 45%, while also reducing maintenance costs due to a lamp life that