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The introduction of solid-state lighting using light-emitting diode (LED) technology has ignited widespread interest in the ways that lighting can offer benefits to people, including improved visibility at night, enhanced perceptions of brightness and security, and spectral tuning for management of circadian rhythms. Yet, as illustrated in a recent report from the American Medical Association (AMA), the increasing popularity of LED lighting is also raising new questions and reviving older concerns about unwanted impacts of these light

Most homeowners waste energy in little ways that add up big time on their monthly utility bills. Using a laptop instead of a desktop computer, unplugging devices not in use and simply switching to LED light bulbs are a few changes that can add more pocket change to the monthly bottom line. Reprogramming thermostats by a few degrees cuts down electricity costs over time, and ceiling fans are the HVAC’s partner in circulation—pushing

In this paper, Robert Davis, Director, Product Innovation & Marketing at LiteControl provides some insights on how lighting designs are perceived by the brain. Davis, who holds a PhD, is a Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

The human brain. (Photo Courtesy of LiteControl)

Stimulus-Response. It serves as the foundation of any basic Psychology class. It defines our relationship to

Lighting in any Scottsdale home is essential from a practical point of view but there are many other reasons that people decide to add more types of lighting around the home and in the garden.  A light is not just a light,  and there are a few considerations to take into account depending on the type of light you are looking for and when you install a wall light it can be more complicated than

Being a artist and photographer lighting plays an enormous role in my work, as well as on my subjects. Should I use a softbox, strobes, flashes, or just a reflector with natural light? Regardless of your profession, there’s no denying that light affects our lives in many ways. That’s why people hire lighting experts and designers to generate exactly the right atmosphere in homes, restaurants, and theaters; even in groceries stores. Here are 5 ways