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Proposed Ceiling Fan Regulations Hit Major Media Outlets

Proposed Ceiling Fan Regulations Hit Major Media Outlets

Ceiling fans are generating national attention as the new light bulb.

Mainstream media is now reporting on the potential ceiling fan regulations as the battle heats up in Washington.

The Huffington Post published an article on July 24 titled “House Republicans Fight Obama’s ‘War on Ceiling Fans,’” in which it focused on Republican opposition to the proposed standards.

Alex Ostrovsky and the Fanimation team reached out to the reporter to inform her that limiting regulations on ceiling fans has bi-partisan support, as evidenced by a letter written by Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana. She later included an update at the bottom of the article.

NPR also ran a story, “Energy Standards for Ceiling Fans Spin Up D.C. Debate” on July 22 with an interview from Larry Lauck, American Lighting Assn. Vice President of Communications, among other sources. Fox & Friends mentioned the potential regulations that morning as well, although they incorrectly stated that the DOE was trying to limit the number of ceiling fans that consumers can have in their houses.

Al Sharpton even weighed in on the issue on his show “Politics Nation,” calling out Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, for warning that President Barack Obama is waging a war on ceiling fans.

On Aug. 20, 15 members of the ceiling fan industry, American Lighting Assn. (ALA) President Dick Upton and Director of Engineering and Technology Terry McGowan, met with DOE officials to close up on written responses to the 75 questions the DOE asked this spring. “Much remains to be done before the DOE issues any (if any) new efficiency requirements,” says Upton. “However, the industry is well-organized and working together efficiently to present an industry-wide response, and we are addressing the challenge in a proactive manner.”

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