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Smart Security Camera Installation

You need to make your home as unattractive as possible for would-be thieves. Lots of outside lighting, a 250-pound guard dog, a foolproof alarm system, and an extensive network of security cameras will all help keep the bad guys away.

$179 Book

Smart Security Camera Installation

What is included:

  • Mounting customer-supplied cameras
  • Programming and tutorial for system use
  • Remote viewing setup is included in price of service
  • WiFi assessment and recommendation to optimize video performance
Reasons why people book this:
  • Protect and secure your home with a home security system
  • Protect your home and family from fires if you have a security system
  • Manage electricity with a home surveillance system
  • Lower home owner’s insurance premiums
  • Protect you from “Odorless” gas with the system
  • Remotely monitor with indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Promote home automation with the system
  • Constantly monitor your home for 24/7
  • Useful for medical assistance
  • Provide peace of mind with a Home Security Camera System

What is excluded:

  • Smart security camera
  • Wire concealment not included in estimate
Special Notes:
    Special Notes for this list - Power supply must be available at all camera locations

Consumer Protection Plan:

We stand behind everything with our professional services. We believe that if we give our clients a great experience, then growth in electrical work or new installation will eventually come on their own. So, rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we focus on maximizing the service that we provide. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, you will contact us so we can be made aware of your concerns and find a solution. If you are still not satisfied with Electric ArtTech, then we guarantee to refund 100% of the money you paid to Electric ArtTech. Terms and conditions apply.

Service Areas:

  • Chandler
  • Fountain Hills
  • Gilbert
  • Mesa
  • Paradise Valley
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe