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Smart Video Doorbell Installation

A “smart” doorbell is meant to replace your traditional doorbell. They’re essentially the same thing, with a few enhancements. They include a camera for live video interactions and security monitoring, two-way audio for communication with people at your front door, and motion sensing for proximity alerts.

$149 Book

Smart Video Doorbell Pro Installation

What is included:

  • Unwire and remove your existing doorbell
  • Mount, drill and wire your new Smart Video Doorbell
  • Smart dorbell app and configuration
  • WiFi assessment and recommendation to optimize video performance
Reasons why people book this:
  • Keep an eye on things while you’re away
  • They’re more convenient than a regular doorbell
  • Can interface with other smart home products
  • You can communicate with visitors
  • It'll be your most-used security camera
  • It's got decent IFTTT support
  • It's actually for more than just doorbells

What is excluded:

  • Smart dorbell
  • New wiring not included
Special Notes:
    Special Notes for this list - You will need wiring from an existing doorbell, new wiring not included

Consumer Protection Plan:

We stand behind everything with our professional services. We believe that if we give our clients a great experience, then growth in electrical work or new installation will eventually come on their own. So, rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we focus on maximizing the service that we provide. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, you will contact us so we can be made aware of your concerns and find a solution. If you are still not satisfied with Electric ArtTech, then we guarantee to refund 100% of the money you paid to Electric ArtTech. Terms and conditions apply.

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